Long Road to Recovery

Doctors advised our veteran that he was headed down a long road to recovery following revision. Our veteran had 38 staples removed from the incision two weeks after revision surgery. We are thankful the incision was much smaller than originally anticipated by the surgeons. Doctors continue to take necessary precautions to ensure a favorable outcome.

After hip resurfacing surgery, symptoms surfaced that perhaps indicated something was not right with the metal-on-metal hip implant. Complaints of constant pain surfaced almost immediately after surgery. The doctor said to give the hip resurfacing time to heal. Weeks went by before weeks turned into months, and then months turned into years. The pain gradually intensified and interfered with all daily activities.

Revision surgery was required after 3 plus years of excruciating pain from the initial hip resurfacing procedure. Not even close to the 25 to 30 years of quality life promised by the manufacturer. Lawmakers, device makers, and the FDA should take a closer look at the devastation caused by these medical devices given approval without requiring any clinical testing. The FDA has since recommended changes to its policy, but does little to help those seriously injured by metal-on-metal hip implants.


We are in the process of getting things packed and preparing to make the long trip to the Mayo Clinic. We will have a full day of testing in preparation for hip revision surgery in the coming days. However, we want to thank all of those that have been very loyal and supportive along the way. For those that have gone through this process, you already know the pain associated with the metal-on-metal implants all too well.

No doubt we will be making our dreaded journey and counting down the days. The pain is already so intense that our veteran’s pain medication has been doubled to help control the pain. Watching a loved one go through such excruciating pain is mind-boggling and outrageous to think this is the best healthcare system in the world. Again, the Veteran Administration has repeatedly denied another seriously injured veteran benefits that were rightfully earned from an alleged service-connected disability. Please keep our veteran in your prayers.