WI Disabled Veteran Request for Congressional Hearing

A disabled veteran from Wisconsin has sent a letter to Congressman Reid Ribble requesting a Congressional Hearing before Congress over concerns of regulatory malfeasance at the FDA that led to the metal-on-metal hip replacement debacle. Metal hip devices were allowed to remain on the market without medical providers having any guidelines on how to monitor 500,000 Americans for the periprosthetic and systemic complications of chrome-cobalt metallosis.

The disabled vet received a metal-on-metal hip implant in 2010, and complained of groin pain almost immediately after being implanted with the premarket approval (PMA) hip implant. It is devastating to think that the FDA was formed to protect and ensure the quality of our lives. Yet, the FDA has granted manufacturers of premarket approval medical devices full immunity from patient lawsuits. These same medical devices were not required to undergo any clinical testing.