Please Respect His Privacy

Veteran Grants Permission to Tell His Story

Many veterans with disabilities fight vigorously for their benefits while others do not have any problems. Without a doubt the fight can be brutal and full of gut-wrenching pain. Some people falsely believe if you serve in the military that you are automatically entitled to these benefits. This could not be further from the truth. Caring Hearts USA wanted to tell the story of our veteran, but first had to get consent. Our veteran was reluctant to tell his story because he did not want his name released to the public.

Caring Hearts USA truly understands his concerns and respectfully asked if we could tell his story, if he were to remain anonymous. We have been granted permission on the condition we do not reveal his identity. For this reason, we have chosen to often refer to our veteran as Private John Doe. We ask that you please do not contact Private John Doe or his family and be respectful of the family’s privacy during this difficult time.

Benefits Denied

Private John Doe certainly faces a heartbreaking challenge. Nobody likes hearing about injustice or seeing anyone denied benefits they rightfully earned while in service. Private John Doe is one of many service members who applied for benefits numerous times and repeatedly denied each time.

Private John Doe was a passenger in a motor vehicle driven by another active duty serviceman at the time of the car accident. Private John Doe was airlifted to a nearby hospital and later transported to San Diego Naval Hospital where he had surgery. He got a staphylococcus (staph) infection while hospitalized and had to remain in the hospital for 17 days. A medical review board recommended a medical discharge but Private John Doe decided to rebuff the discharge and opted to serve our country.

Private John Doe spent many hours in physical therapy and rehabilitation to learn how to walk. He had a wedge placed in his shoe to compensate for one leg being shorter than the other leg. Over time both legs became the same length so the doctor ordered the removal of the wedge from the shoe. Private John Doe still had a noticeable limp but managed to pass the physical readiness test and continued serving our country.

Years later Private John Doe was honorably discharged from the military and filed his benefits claim. He was denied all benefits but eventually applied again only to get the same results. Inexperienced personnel filing paperwork is said to be responsible for the initial denial of claims. Recently the paperwork was filed again by another seasoned Veteran Service Officer in a different county. Once again Private John Doe was denied all benefits. Letters have been written to our State Senator Kevin Petersen, Congressman Reid Ribble, Senator Ron Johnson, Senator Herb kohl, and President Barack Obama. Private John Doe is expected to undergo another major reconstructive surgery early next year at the Mayo Clinic.

Power Radio Guest

Caring Hearts USA president and founder Deborah Johnson will appear on Power women magazine blog talk radio show November 1, 2012 at 11:00 am CST. She will talk about her website: where you can sign our petition to create a National Joint Replacement Registry. This registry is intended to isolate and eliminate faulty devices from entering our quality control system.

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National Joint Replacement Petition

Caring Hearts USA has generated a petition for Congress to introduce a bill to create a ‘National Joint Replacement Registry’ and pass legislation. Private John Doe has already had nine costly surgeries. We must rid the system of faulty devices that put patient lives at risk. Taking the necessary action now can help spare other families from suffering the pain and hardship. Please sign our petition NOW so Americans can have a quality control system.