National Joint Replacement Registry

Our Petition for the National Joint Replacement Registry

Approximately 800,000 people in the United States alone undergo hip and knee replacement surgeries every year. In fact, surgeons in the United States perform more joint replacement surgeries than any other country worldwide. Millions of Americans already have medical insurance but simply cannot afford to pay high cost medical expenses from numerous surgeries. It is estimated that by 2030 close to 4 million Americans would require joint replacement surgeries. Still the United States does not have an organized, government-controlled National Joint Replacement Registry.

Adverse Effects

Countries like Sweden and New Zealand have stellar national registries that track most joint replacement surgeries performed in their countries. Such registries prevent faulty devices from entering their quality control system and helps minimize revision surgeries. Unfortunately, the lack of a National data registry in the United States has resulted in the rampant use of defective artificial joints. Some registries do exist like the American Joint Replacement Registry and the Kaiser Permanente National Total Joint Replacement Registry. Such registries lack a uniform system to collect, share, or require hospital participation in these registries. Currently patients face a greater risk of revision surgery without a quality control system in place.

Recent joint implant recalls in the United States have caused panic among patients. Some of these faulty devices are known to be fatal among patients that require a revision surgery. The absence of a nationalized registry has resulted in some patients learning of faulty implants from their attorneys instead of their doctors. Most patients experience excruciating pain and have difficulty finding the right doctor to make the proper diagnosis. The ‘National Hip and Knee Replacement Registry Act of 2009” was introduced in the House of Representatives, but failed to pass legislation.

Impact on American Families

American families cannot afford the devastating costs of failed implants or seeing their loved ones in excruciating pain. Insurance reimbursement for replacement surgeries have reduced by more than 60% in recent years. One-fifth of all American families are unable to pay their medical bills and often file for bankruptcy. Enormous medical bills contribute to nearly 70% of bankruptcies and worsen for military veterans and retirees. Injuries and trauma sustained during their time in service may require constant medical care years later. Most members cannot afford the mounting medical bills. Many disabled veterans do not receive military benefits and struggle to find jobs to get medical insurance.

Caring Hearts USA has generated a petition for Congress to introduce a bill to create a ‘National Joint Replacement Registry’ and pass legislation. Taking the necessary action can spare other families from suffering the pain and hardship. Please sign our petition NOW so Americans can have a quality control system.