We have recently made a difficult decision to close our store as we change suppliers. We feel that God is leading us in another direction. We believe our supplier should be veteran-owned to better suit our needs. This is not a decision made lightly, and we certainly appreciate all your prayers and support, and earnestly desire your prayers right now. We want to fulfill our mission, and we need wisdom for all the decisions involved in this transition.

God has been very good to us. We are one step closer to securing our veteran’s home from foreclosure. This is truly a gift from above considering our veteran is also recovering from revision hip surgery. The additional stress is definitely something he does not need at this point. Please pray for God’s healing and wisdom concerning the upcoming decisions we need to make during this transition.


We are in the process of getting things packed and preparing to make the long trip to the Mayo Clinic. We will have a full day of testing in preparation for hip revision surgery in the coming days. However, we want to thank all of those that have been very loyal and supportive along the way. For those that have gone through this process, you already know the pain associated with the metal-on-metal implants all too well.

No doubt we will be making our dreaded journey and counting down the days. The pain is already so intense that our veteran’s pain medication has been doubled to help control the pain. Watching a loved one go through such excruciating pain is mind-boggling and outrageous to think this is the best healthcare system in the world. Again, the Veteran Administration has repeatedly denied another seriously injured veteran benefits that were rightfully earned from an alleged service-connected disability. Please keep our veteran in your prayers.

Questions and Answers

How long has Private John Doe been dealing with his pain?

Private John Doe started having pain in 2007. His pain came on gradually and got worst over time.

How did Private John Doe respond after being denied his veteran benefits?

Like any other veteran, he is frustrated and does not fully understand the reason for his denial based on all the medical records to date.

How did Private John Doe find reputable doctors?

Research and word of mouth are recommended resources for finding reputable doctors. Often doctors are prohibited from referring patients outside of their own network so you will need to do your homework to find a skilled doctor that can help you. Registered nurses offer excellent recommendations for patients and patients of the physicians are another good referral source. Today we have the internet so other patients with similar symptoms can ask questions and compare results.

Has Private John Doe ever had reputable doctors that did not share the same opinion?

Absolutely because the medical field is highly competitive and choosing the right doctor means selecting a skilled physician that has the patient’s best interest at heart.

National Joint Replacement Registry

Adverse Effects

Countries like Sweden and New Zealand have stellar national registries that track most joint replacement surgeries performed in their countries. Such registries prevent faulty devices from entering their quality control system and helps minimize revision surgeries. Unfortunately, the lack of a National data registry in the United States has resulted in the rampant use of defective artificial joints. Some registries do exist like the American Joint Replacement Registry and the Kaiser Permanente National Total Joint Replacement Registry. Such registries lack a uniform system to collect, share, or require hospital participation in these registries. Currently patients face a greater risk of revision surgery without a quality control system in place.
Recent joint implant recalls in the United States have caused panic among patients. Some of these faulty devices are known to be fatal among patients that require a revision surgery. The absence of a nationalized registry has resulted in some patients learning of faulty implants from their attorneys instead of their doctors. Most patients experience excruciating pain and have difficulty finding the right doctor to make the proper diagnosis. The ‘National Hip and Knee Replacement Registry Act of 2009” was introduced in the House of Representatives, but failed to pass legislation.

National Joint Replacement Petition

National Joint Replacement Petition

Caring Hearts USA has generated a petition for Congress to introduce a bill to create a ‘National Joint Replacement Registry’ and pass legislation. Private John Doe has already had nine costly surgeries. He faces having another major surgery but cannot afford the costs.
A revision surgery is needed because the stem of the implant is loosening and extremely painful for our veteran. We must rid the system of faulty devices that put patient lives at risk. Taking the necessary action now can help spare other families from suffering the pain and hardship.
Please sign our petition NOW so Americans can have a quality control system. Perhaps purchase a shirt from our store to show your support and help spread the word. Like us on facebook so you can follow us and get more details about the surgeries.